Tiny Bathroom Ideas Design & Style

Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Ideas – Since housing spaces are minimal nowadays many people are looking for the perfect tiny bathroom ideas for their homes.

Aside from its practical functions as a place where you clean your body a bathroom can also be a place where you can escape the stress of the daily activities.

Even a tiny bathroom can serve its purpose as an escape place when it is built and decorated correctly.

Here are some tips for you when you are looking to build a tiny bathroom in a limited space.

1.The Coloring – Tiny Bathroom Ideas

The coloring of your tiny bathroom ideas will play a massive part in setting the mood and the atmosphere of a tiny bathroom.

For the tiny bathroom, you should choose brighter and softer colors to make the small space look less cramped.

You can also use ceramic tiles on the walls, floor, and the surfaces inside the bathroom you maximize the widening effect using color.

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You can also use gold colors to make your tiny bathroom look more luxurious than only use dull color.

Gold colored tiles and marble vanity for a small bathroom as an alternative to the bright and soft colors.

Coloring Tiny Bathroom Ideas

2.The Design and Style – Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Simple, modern minimalist design and style are what dominated most tiny bathroom ideas today.

The minimalist design is trendy because it gives the most luxurious feeling and atmosphere towards the bathroom without making the bathroom feels cramped.

The stark coloring and the clean-cut lines of the furniture in most modern minimalist bathroom design are what makes it look sophisticated and elegant.

The use of simple materials such as glass, wood, and stainless steel also makes modern minimalist bathroom looks spotless and sleek.

If you want to add some classic feelings towards the small bathroom, you need to change the coloring of the furniture into something that is warmer such as brown, beige, and gold.

Lighting Tiny Bathroom Ideas

3.The Lighting – Tiny Bathroom Ideas

Other aspects that will make your tiny bathroom ideas look less constricting are the play of lights and ventilation.

Installing a tall window inside a small bathroom will make it look larger and brighter since there will be some natural light trickling inside the toilet.

The presence of window and natural light in the bathroom will also lessen the use of electricity to light your bathroom up during the day.

Placing a frameless mirror inside a tiny bathroom will also help to make the room a bit larger since the mirror will reflect the lights.

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For adequate lighting at night to do your activities inside the bathroom, you need to place task lights on either side of the mirror on eye level.

You can also install an overhead light right above the vanity to substitute the task lightly.

Aside from the task light on the vanity, you will also need to install a task light above the shower or the bath.

You can also install the ambient light and accent lighting to fill in the dark spaces between the tasks lights on the vanity and the shower or bath in your tiny bathroom ideas.