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Spa Bathroom Ideas

Any spa bathroom ideas will transform your bathroom to be a perfect place to relax.

Think about some aromatherapy, relaxing candles, natural views and great bathtubs.

With little creativity and tricky arrangement, you can build your spa bathroom and experience everyday spa to end your super busy day.

Japanese Spa Bathroom Ideas

We all know that the Japanese always designs their bathroom with a specific design and structure which creates a relaxing environment.

It makes a lot of spa houses design their spa bathroom with this beautiful Asian taste.

Japanese Spa Bathroom Ideas

You can build your Japanese spa bathroom by imitating their ofuro or bath and shower system.

First, you have to prepare enough space for the bathroom where you can build a shower room and the bath in the same place.

It is going to be an open floor bathroom. Then, you can install a shower in one corner of the room; it will be perfect for you to choose a shower which can create a raindrop effect and put a simple bath seating under the shower.

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Installing a stainless steel rack on the wall near the shower will be a great idea to store your bath amenities like shampoo and soap.

Put a large square mirror in front of the bath seat to assist you in clean your body during shower and to decorate the shower room at once.

The second important part is the ofuro.

ofuro bathroom

To make the bath Japanese, you have to choose a natural and straightforward material which can be arranged based on the Japanese standard of beauty.

Which one do you like wood or stone? Choose one of those natural materials, and use them to decorate the wall.

And then install an oval or a square bath in one side of the room. Leave some space on one side of the tub where you can put some candles or flowers.

The last important thing, you need to build sliding windows through which you can enjoy a simple natural garden view as the best part of the spa bathroom ideas.

Tropical Air in a Modern Bathroom

Another most fabulous idea for your personal bathroom spa is to bring the tropical atmosphere to your modern bathroom.

Tropical Air in a Modern Bathroom

Of course, you still need enough space to build an open layout bathroom where you can have your shower and bath in the same area.

Choosing porcelain tiles with a natural sand beach color for the wall will be a perfect choice. It will create a relaxing eye appeal and take your mind to some white sanded tropical beach.

You can have an elegant white bath unattached in some space of the bathroom. Just build the shower room in the corner of the room and install a glazed door to prevent the bathroom from any wet.

tropical beach Bathroom

The glass will also be a great decoration to the bathroom. Make some ventilation to create good air circulation, and natural light is also essential to create a perfect atmosphere.

To keep the bath amenities, you can build a porcelain modern sink and wooden storage under the sink or in the back of the mirror over the sink.

You can light some candles in some space near the window, put a pot of greens in the corner of the room, and hang some lighting fixtures to improve the lighting to create perfect spa bathroom ideas.