Home Grown Hydroponics Grow Box Systems The Future of Planting

Homegrown hydroponics grow box systems are becoming in demand these days.  Gardeners or plant enthusiasts have seen and experienced the great comfort they could have by selecting grow box systems for their veggies or flowers.  One significant advantage is they get to grow out- of-season plants using this system.  This method of growing is also equipped with built-in lighting and aeration structures that would lessen manual supervision of your plants.

How to build hydroponic grow box

Another valuable benefit you get from using hydroponics is that you do not expose your plants to toxic pesticides and too much use of fertilizers.  This growing procedure allows you to save water as well.  It has been proven also that with hydroponic system you can grow your plants at least 30% faster than the conventional planting. With homegrown hydroponics grow box systems, you get the output you desire with low maintenance and the most convenient way you deserve!

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Beginners should know that there are three levels of growing hydroponics plants.  With that knowledge, they will be able to understand what changes occur to plants at certain periods of their development.  The three stages of hydroponically grown plants are as follows:

  • First Stage – Clipping of Clones

This is the period where the plants require your concentration.  You may choose grow boxes that contain an area which accommodates the mother plants or those grow boxes that have a separate section meant for cloning.

  • Second Stage – Vegetation

During this phase you let the clones reach 1/3 of the height of the grow box. In order to raise the plants fast, you may switch to 24 hour light timing.

The typical flowering cycle is from 6 to 8 weeks depending on what variety of plants you are trying to grow. With this stage, the key is to maintain a temperature gap of at least 5 to 10°F which pushes your plant to reproduce.

Now, you won’t be questioning yourself what to do when you see that your plant is growing.  You just have to record the date and observe what is happening to them during the different stages.  Learning the changes that would occur to your plants makes your planting activity with homegrown hydroponics grow box systems very interesting.

Build your Own Hydroponics Grow Box System

Hydroponics taught us that we don’t need soil in order to grow plants.  Another good thing about this planting system is that you can select from different types of growing mediums.  Some of which are as follows:

This growing medium contributes to the improvement of cellular structure of the plant which allows the plants to withstand high temperature conditions.

Perlite is an inexpensive growing medium retains water in your plants while they are being exposed to air.  Another advantage of perlite is that it can be reused.

Just like with perlite, coconut coir has great water retention property because of its micro sponges and has good aeration characteristic as well.

When a mixture of different kinds of rocks is melted using a high temperature, a porous material is produced which is known as Rockwool.  Its forms vary from granules to blocks, cubes or slabs.  This growing medium promotes root growth.

Soil is not the only way to capture the nutrients your plants need.  With these medium alternatives, planting with homegrown hydroponics grow box systems is a lot of fun!

Homegrown Hydroponics Grow Box Systems – What is the Best Spectrum Light to Use?

Light is one of the primary requirements of the plants in order to grow.  With the availability of different types of grow light, you’ll probably get confused if you don’t know what to consider.  Check out some basic tips below:

homegrown hydroponics grow box system

–       Ideal for leafy plants

–       It prevents plants from getting lanky

–       Metal Halide light is the best example of blue spectrum light

–       Provides around 10,000 hours of good light

  • Orange-red spectrum light

–       Ideal for flowering plants

–       Enhances flowering by stimulating plant hormones

–       High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light is the most popular type of orange-red spectrum light

–       Provides around 18,000 hours of light

  • Combination of Blue and Orange-Red Spectrum Lights

–       Provides great results

–       Makes the plants both compact while flowering

–       These types of lights are costly

–       The distance this combination of lights penetrates is shorter as compared with regular bulb

Although direct sunlight is the perfect source of illumination for plants, there are other sources of light that could meet your plants’ demand. Planting in homegrown hydroponics grow box systems is a no game especially if you really wanted to get expected results; so you better have a good choice which grow light to install that best suits your crops.

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Benefits of Homegrown Hydroponics Grow Box Systems over Grow Tents

People’s preferences vary as well when it comes to growing their flora.  So you might ask why some would choose grow box systems other than grow tents.  Take a look at some comparisons below and see what advantage you can get from using grow boxes.

Grow tents set up are similar with camping tents that are typically made from plastic material which has polls that stretch it.

hydroponics grow box plan

–         Not installed with lighting system

–         No carbon scrubbers

–         No fans

–         No timers

–         Manual monitoring of temperature

–         For expert hydroponic growers

–         Completely assembled

–         Installed with ventilation

–         Includes carbon scrubber

–         With timers

–         User friendly

–         Ideal for beginners

There you have them!  It’s obvious why newbies prefer homegrown hydroponics grow box systems over grow tents; with its ready to use set up, you can grow your plants effortlessly and with great results!

Did you become an instant genius with this article?  Then go ahead and share your knowledge with your friends about homegrown hydroponics grow box systems and enjoy the world of planting and growing!