Flowers In Your Flowerbed Dying? Here Are Some Solutions

If your flowers have seen better days, there are ways you can help them. Many things can cause this, such as too much or too little water, planting them in the wrong location, planting them in the wrong climate, or handling them too roughly. Below are solutions to these problems that will bring life back into them again.

Too Much or Too Little Water

Watering flowers can be confusing. It can be difficult to know when they need water, or if they have too much of it. Most flowers need one inch of water per week. This goes for most, but you may have flowers that need a little more than this.

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Learn about the moisture needs of your individual flowers.  When you purchase new flowers, there should be a plant tag pushed into the dirt. On this tag, you can find information about how to care for the flower, including their moisture requirements.

Planting the same type of flowers together can help you with watering. Plant water-loving plants in the same area, and plants that do not get as thirsty in another.

You can check the soil to see if the flowers need water. Push your finger in about three inches and remove it. If the soil feels moist, they do not need watering. If the soil is dry, they need a drink.

Keep up with your local forecast to know when you will receive rain. You cannot control this, and sometimes it may rain much more than one inch. Your flowers should be okay when this happens, if you make sure you do not water them too soon after.


Some flowers require full sun to grow; others require part sun and part shade. Some require full shade. When purchasing your flowers, make sure you understand the best location to plant them.

Choosing flowers that require all sun when you don’t have it will result in drooping foliage and reduced or no blooms. When you give flowers what they need, they will thrive for you. Follow the instructions on the plant tag, which tells you the sun exposure requirements.


If you live in an area with high humidity and very hot weather, do not purchase flowers that cannot tolerate heat, or vice versa. Shop for your flowers at a nearby garden center. In most cases, the flowers found there will grow well in your area. Ask them for advice on what flowers you should purchase.  Look around as you drive past houses and see what thrives in your area.

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Handle Them with Care

When you purchase flowers from a garden center, they come in pots. When taking them out of the pot to put in your flowerbed, handle them with care. Do not simply yank it out or you may injure the roots.You should also never pull the flowers out by their foliage.

Tap the bottom of the flowerpot to loosen the soil. If it will not loosen up, squeeze the pot. If it still doesn’t come out, use a box cutter and carefully cut down the side of the pot.

Take time to choose flowers for your flowerbed carefully. Learn everything you can about them to make sure they get enough water, are planted in the right location, and are provided with the right climate. Following these tips can help them thrive. Contact a local landscaping company for more information.